An Australian owned family business, Polypockets was founded in 1995 in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in the production of polypropylene packaging and storage products for industry, commerce and government organisations.

At Polypockets we use polypropylene in all our products - film, sheet, moulded or extruded, from fine to hard gauge, in a range of colours and designs.

We are the sole Australian manufacturer of ultraclear film for storage of photographs, negatives and slides and we have perfected this technique through the innovative development of new technology.

Polypockets is committed to using polypropylene, an environmentally friendly material, to replace both P.V.C. and paperboard in stationery applications. Polypropylene is acid free, safe and recyclable. It's also moisture proof, sturdy and stylish, making it ideal for displays, presentation products, and archival storage.

Staff at Polypockets are qualified tradespeople with an eye to quality service and prompt turnaround. We maintain strict quality control and our high standards are reflected in each and every item we produce.

Services we offer include prototype development, customised packaging, form cutting, foil stamping, guillotining, sonic welding and screen printing.

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